27.05.2011, barcelona, poble sec

a dream…

When you were a child, did you have a daydream you were always dreaming of?

I was traveling around the world in my dreams….

This dream is coming true. In three hours I’ll be at Barcelona’s airport taking a flight to Zurich and from there to Bangkok. I think I’m gonna go up north first and spend some time in the jungle. It’s still unsure where this journey will take me after that, because I have just one plan, and it’s not having any plans. There is no road, it’s made by walking.

My excitement is mixed up with sadness, because I’m leaving my beloved behind….it never was a problem for me to travel alone, but now it changed, because I would love to share all my experiences with him.

It’s not easy to leave the person you love and go travel alone, but one thing is sure: if you don’t fulfill your dreams and give yourself what you need, no one will ever be able to make you happy. Killing our dreams we kill each other bit by bit. And we can make them all happen, we just have to believe!!



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